30 Notion templates for Remote Teams, Developers and Freelancers Productivity

30 Notion templates for Remote Teams, Developers and Freelancers Productivity

·Jan 11, 2022·

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Notion is an across the board workspace where you can compose, plan, team up and get coordinated - it permits you to take notes, add errands, oversee projects and more.

Notion gives the structure squares and you can make your own formats and toolbox to complete work. Numerous individuals allude to Notion as an "interior wiki" permitting groups and people to design their tasks, work and objectives.

This workspace permits you to write in a wonderful clean space, construct your very own wiki (with unlimited layers of substance), plan utilizing a kanban see, a schedule or a basic rundown view and last, however not least, to catch your work processes and record everything making accounting pages and data sets. Idea works across all stages remembering for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web.

Notion offers group usefulness for constant cooperation and gives the capacity to groups to share, remark and allot errands and updates. So however much people and experts can utilize Notion, so can groups.

In this post we'll be looking into 23 Free Notion templates for Developers and Blogger.

Notion podcast template

Extensive Podcast Manager template for Notion! The layout is simple and you can manage all your digital recordings. This layout has huge loads of highlights, including;

  • A simple "catch" framework for adding new digital broadcasts to your library, including show depictions, categorisations and connections to the webcast scene.

  • An extensive administration suite for getting to and dealing with your web recordings. You can channel by class, investigate different scenes in the arrangement or even record your number one statements from the scene.

  • A "listening presently" board so you can rapidly and effectively access the webcast's your as of now paying attention to. Not any more start a webcast and completing to fail to remember it.

Personal website temmplate

  • 🎉 No more inconvenient WordPress layouts

  • 🎉 No recompiling a site and transferring through FTP

All substance is effectively altered, simple to develop/tweak, and gives an extraordinary method to show individuals what YOU specialize in.

Regardless of whether you're shut or open for work, having a strong individual site up so individuals can become more acquainted with about your work has made it such a great deal simpler to meet cool individuals.

Thesis writing template

You can read this amazing article by Simon to know more about this database.

Notion minimal database

A Fully Functional Template for Notion - Clean layout with matching icons throughout - Minimal Neutral Aesthetic by Kate.

Campus Life Organizer

Organizing stuff made easy.

Quick Note

Who doesn't want to write that shower though ASAP. This Notion template made easy for you.

Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a great way to organise your tasks, to make sure that you work on what's important and not just what's urgent.

Background Remover


Slazzer is an AI-based photograph editing application that can without much of a stretch eliminate or change the foundation in your pictures. This instrument is not difficult to utilize and is great for online advertisers who routinely manage photographs and are hoping to save time, cash, and exertion.

Key Features

Utilizing this tool is speedy and simple as you don't need to manually edit the photograph while eliminating or changing the foundation. One more beneficial thing here is that the entire course of background editing essentially begins with transferring a picture and sitting tight for a couple of moments just to get the moment result.


Paid plan starts at $13 per month for 100 credits. The free version offers low-resolution images.**

Job hunt tracker template

Use this template to keep track of any job postings you're interested in, which ones you've applied to, and where you're at in the interview process. This is particularly helpful to remind you when to follow-up with recruiters.

Subscription Tracker

A little Subscription Tracker with monthly/yearly cost overviews and renewal alerts.

Weekly Agenda

Scheduling your whole week with this template made easy.

Best for Teams (15 templates)

A set of 15 templates for Remote working teams.

Research Project template

This template was designed for research/freelance projects. Created by Sterling Osborne.

Resume Template

This is the resume of Leo Osa, he is a Product Designer.

Work Dashboard

This is a template for office/work focused on multi-task management

Task and Issues

Engineering team is things forgetting team sometimes. This templates covers with all the issues and tasks your team should know.

Content Calender

Use this content calendar to schedule and track all the content you're putting out — from blog posts to podcasts to tweets. Every item on the calendar is a project, where you can designate the author (or who's assigned), the type of content (article, event, etc.), and its status (scheduled, in progress, complete). Each one is also its own Notion page, where you can stash all related notes, research, multimedia, and do all your writing in one place.

You can also turn your calendar into a different type of database view. For example, you can create a board view of this same information grouped by status to see your content moving through stages of completion.

So here were the list of 31 Notion templates (actually 15 but the team link has 15 templates). If you want to add something here?(probably your templates) just comment it down. We'll review and will add them ASAP.

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