13 Ultimate UI/UX website inspiration for Designers and Developers

13 Ultimate UI/UX website inspiration for Designers and Developers

·Jan 7, 2022·

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Regardless of whether you're an accomplished website designer or developer or simply a beginner, a website architecture venture's extension can rapidly limit the quantity of assets accessible, making it extreme to track down the correct website design for motivation for your assignment. Let's take a look into some amazing designs, layouts and animations.

Bennett Tea


Bennett is a modern brand offering customers high-quality tea for different tastes. The website is minimal, simple and so clean. You can try writing the codes of the layout(not easy though). Website made with WebFlow. Visit -> Bennett Tea


frame_generic_dark(3).png The landing page is so attractive and the color combinations are so warm. Minimal and smooth scroll. Visit -> Vela


frame_generic_dark(5).png Portfolio of web design agency. Has a cool scroll effect. Visit -> NetrixDigital

Zorka Agency

frame_generic_dark(4).png Portfolio of digital marketing agency. Amazing color and Scroll. Visit -> Zorka Agency

Shaky Graves

frame_generic_dark(7).png This website gives vibes. The amazing typography and the background video looks cool. Has aesthetic design.

Visit -> Shaky Graves

Madeleine Dalla - Photography Portfolio

frame_generic_dark(8).png Madeleine Dalla is photographer from Sweden living in New York. Visit -> madeleinedalla.com



Slazzer is an AI-based photograph editing application and background remover that can without much of a stretch eliminate or change the foundation in your pictures. This instrument is not difficult to utilize and is great for online advertisers who routinely manage photographs and are hoping to save time, cash, and exertion.

Key Features

Utilizing this tool is speedy and simple as you don't need to manually edit the photograph while eliminating or changing the foundation. One more beneficial thing here is that the entire course of background editing essentially begins with transferring a picture and sitting tight for a couple of moments just to get the moment result.


Paid plan starts at $13 per month for 100 credits. The free version offers low-resolution images.**

Studio Regale


Containing a lot of animations that suits with the background animations. Visit -> Studio Regale

Portfolio of Ivan

frame_generic_dark(10).png Portfolio of Ivan, he is a front-end developer and designer. Visit -> Portfolio of Ivan

Ronnie Feng Portfolio

frame_generic_dark(11).png Portfolio of Ronnie Feng built with TypeScript and is Open Source on Github. The animation are sick on his portfolio, he has used GSAP🤯. Visit -> Ronnie Feng Portfolio




9.png Portfolio of Designer.

Visit -> Liu

Simon Daufresne

4.png This has a great scroll feature. Simon Daufresne is an independent graphic designer based in Paris.

Visit -> Simon Daufresne



There are literally thousands of trends come every year. But only some get popular. You can use your skills to code something like them or better then them. I'll also hook you up for some weeks with design trends. You can follow us or subscribe to our newsletter.

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