The 10 Best Free Graphic Maker Tools for Marketers and Beginners

The 10 Best Free Graphic Maker Tools for Marketers and Beginners


Published on Oct 9, 2021

13 min read

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Graphic design has grown to become the foremost component of successful digital marketing. It is a powerful form of art that adds modern flair to the marketing efforts of almost every company.

While it is a key component for building brand awareness, many marketers find it challenging to create this modern art. This makes graphic maker tools or graphic design programs an integral part of marketing campaigns.

With graphic design tools for marketers, anyone can create compelling designs that will serve as the highlight of any marketing campaign. It will help build a unique identity among a sea of competition so that potential customers can recognize and be more familiar with a specific brand.

The only downside to using graphic design software is that they tend to be very expensive to download. Professional graphic maker software is not only pricey but also seems to be very complicated to use as well.

With these notions in mind, don’t you think it would be extremely helpful to have a graphic maker that is both uncomplicated and inexpensive?

But first…

How important is graphic design, especially for businesses?

Business marketing trends have drastically changed over the last few years. Most businesses have shifted to digital media since a lot of consumers are using technology for brand research and goods procurement. This made way for content to become one of the key factors that are to be considered when marketing any business.

Content marketing also saw a lot of transformations along with the advancement of technology. Many companies rely on images, infographics, and other visual content in promoting their brands. This is unsurprising since the human eyes can gather 90% of information from image-based content.

Since the competition has moved on to digital platforms, the audience also keeps on upgrading their standards in terms of what they see on the internet, most specifically on social media. To marketers, it is not enough to deliver photographs to communicate with potential customers. What they need are exemplary designs that promote brand awareness and encourage conversions.

Graphic design helps a lot in easier information dissemination but it is also crucial for lead generation, enhancing brand appeal, and creating a credible aura. The quality of a design can either attract or turn customers away hence the importance of not compromising it.

Should you get a graphic design tool if you are a marketer?

Because graphic design is an important aspect of digital marketing, it is a must that a marketer has a graphic maker tool on the ready for all design needs. A high-quality and professional design converts audiences into loyal customers.

With modern tools for marketers, you do not even need to hire a professional designer to perform complicated designs for your brand. All you need are the specific tools that will give you the best results for you to elevate your marketing campaigns.

10 Best Free Graphic Maker Tools For Beginners and Marketers

-> Best for : Adobe Photoshop alternative

What’s the tool about: Adobe Spark is a clever graphic maker with plenty of features to create beautiful graphics, web pages, and video stories. It has thousands of free fonts, images, icons, and themes to let you produce unique designs.

Why is it good for marketers/beginners: Adobe Photoshop is one of the most preferred photo editing tools for professionals. As such, it is very complicated to use for marketers and beginners. Adobe Spark is a great alternative to Photoshop because it simplified the photo editing process using simple tools.

Notable features: You can create inspiring and fresh content with amazing imagery by using its tools. There are easy to follow tutorials to guide you in whatever project you wish to create.

What can you get in its free plan: A starter plan is available and it is free. You can pick from thousands of free images and icons for your designs.

Inclusions if you upgrade: Premium plans start at $9.99 to $19.99 with unrestricted access to all of its features, like the complete library of Adobe fonts and premium templates.

-> Best for: Logo making

What’s the tool about: Designmantic is all about creating stunning logos that best represent a brand. It has an online logo maker that can edit and customize preset logos so you can have one that is a distinct representation of your company.

Why is it good for marketers/beginners: Logos are very important in creating a brand. as a marketer, you need to make professional-looking logos that will represent your brand. Designmantic has tons of icons and symbols that you can use to create any type of logo across any industry.

Notable features: Since there are thousands of possible logos you can make through its logo maker, you can use the search feature to narrow down your choices. Use relevant keywords so that you can arrive at the best logo that you need for your business.

What can you get in its free plan: You can use the logo maker tool right away for free.

Inclusions if you upgrade: Although it is free to use the logo maker and design your logo, you need to pay $37 if you want to download it. Designmantic also offers graphic design customization from $47 to $697.

-> Best for: Overall graphic design tool

What’s the tool about: Pixelied is an all-around tool for designing anything from icons, mockups, vectors, illustrations, and a lot more. There’s an array of ready-made templates that are tailor-made to fit any business. Millions of stock photos can be used with no restrictions.

Why is it good for marketers/beginners: Pixelied is great for marketers and newbie designers because of its easy-to-use editor. It lets anyone without a background in design create stunning works of art in minutes. There is an extensive library of video tutorials if you want to study how the tools work. Fast and timely responses are also guaranteed whenever you need customer support.

Notable features: Since it is made for all types of digital marketers, Pixelied can be used in a variety of ways. You can create professional-quality designs for any social media campaign, blog, email headers, etc. It is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a designer or a whole team of designers.

What can you get in its free plan: A free account lets you test out the basic features and allows up to 3 downloads every month. You will get 1 GB of cloud storage 1 workspace and five background removal credits per month too.

Inclusions if you upgrade: You only need to pay a one-time fee of $97 for lifetime access to Pixelied’s features. The premium account gives you access to all of its templates, stock photos, icons, and unlimited storage and downloads. There is also priority support and guaranteed access to all future upgrades.

-> Best for: Business cards

What’s the tool about: Artfia is a simple graphic maker that is specifically designed to create well-designed business cards.

Why is it good for marketers/beginners: Your business card tells a lot about your company. You need to have a professional-looking business card if you want first impressions about your company to be great. Artfia lets you design a creative business card that you will not be ashamed to give out to your prospective clients.

Notable features: It has a wide range of templates to choose from if you do not have a specific design yet. There are plenty of cool effects, graphics, fonts, and colors to choose from so that you can enhance your chosen design.

What can you get in its free plan: A free version allows you to design your business card using their resources for free. You are limited to up to only 100 business cards with a free account.

Inclusions if you upgrade: Personalized business cards are available for as low as $13.37 per pack of 100. They offer free shipping for orders $35 and above.

-> Best for: Bg removal for e-commerce

What’s the tool about: Removal.AI is a simple but innovative solution for e-commerce. It is an easy-to-use tool to remove backgrounds from photos so that they can be used for product presentations and other purposes.

Why is it good for marketers/beginners: Manually editing photos to remove the backgrounds is a very complicated and time-consuming process. When you are going to work with product photos, quality is very important and so is time. Removal.AI lets you achieve professional-quality background removal in minutes.

Notable features: What is great with Removal.AI is that you can use it not only for its revolutionary background removal tool. It has a built-in photo editor that is also enough if you need to do photo touch-ups before uploading photos on your e-commerce website.

What can you get in its free plan: It is always free to use the background removal tool but you can only download it on a low resolution at 0.25 megapixels.

Inclusions if you upgrade: Upgrading into a paid plan will let you edit photos for as low as $0.03 per image and download your results in full resolution up to 12 megapixels.

-> Best for: White label editing

What’s the tool about: Pixelixe is not an ordinary online photo editor. It is designed to make white labelling products and services easier. You can use it to rebrand products and make the design yours by integrating your colors and other design elements.

Why is it good for marketers/beginners: It can be challenging to white label products especially if you are just starting in the industry. To cut the finances, you need to have access to an affordable solution that will deliver professional results. Pixelixe lets you achieve this goal with its easy-to-use graphic maker tool.

Notable features: Adding the white label editor into your app or website requires no coding background. You can fully customize it so that your users can easily choose from your templates. You can control how the editor works so that it will perform according to your expected integration workflow.

What can you get in its free plan: You can explore the features of Pixelixe with a free plan but you will be limited to edit up to only 50 documents. The white label editor, however is not accessible to the free plan or to the lowest paid plan at $9 per month.

Inclusions if you upgrade: Upgrading to the premium plans at $49-$249 a month gives you seamless access to Pixelixe’s, requires premium features, including white label integration.

-> Best for: Free background change

What’s the tool about: Cutout Pro has a range of cool features, including free background change. You can swap backgrounds using attractions, cartoons, posters, and more.

Why is it good for marketers/beginners: Removing backgrounds from photos already require a certain amount of skills even with a background remover. Sometimes, background removal may not be enough and you have to change the background to make the photos look better. Cutout Pro lets you do this and more with its tool.

Notable features: Cutout Pro uses artificial intelligence for its tools. This makes it useful across different fields especially the design industry. Aside from the background remover and background change feature, it has a retouching feature to magically remove unwanted elements in your photos.

What can you get in its free plan: A free account gives you access to any of its tools but for only one credit.

Inclusions if you upgrade: Subscribing for as low as $0.058 per photo allows unlimited use of the tools, including the default API that can process up to 3 images per second.

-> Best for: Making infographic

What’s the tool about: Venngage is the ultimate solution for infographic needs. It requires no experience to create amazing infographics in minutes using templates and its Infographic Maker tool. Why it is good for marketers/beginners: Making infographics can be complex especially because you need to integrate vital information and make an engaging visual. Venngage developed its Infographic Maker with marketers in mind with its customizable templates. Everything works basically through the drag-and-drop method so you can finish making a compelling infographic with only just a few clicks.

Notable features: Aside from its easy-to-use Infographic Maker and ready-made templates, you can use Venngage with the rest of your team. You can collaborate in real-time to work on a single infographic with everyone.

What can you get in its free plan: Although the features are very limited, you can see how Venngage can help your company with its free plan. You can test out its features and create up to 5 designs using free icons and widgets. You can also upload up to 6 images if you want to integrate them into your test designs.

Inclusions if you upgrade: There are three plans available if you want to go premium. All three unlock all premium features but the higher-priced plans are designed to be shared among team members. The Business plan is the most popular at $39 per month because it is perfect for companies who are just starting out and with only a small group who are tasked to design the infographics.

-> Best for: Mockups

What’s the tool about: Its mockup maker has a built-in editor to customize the design. There are thousands of high-quality digital product mockups that can be edited according to your design.

Why is it good for marketers/beginners: Designing mockups can take too much of your working time. Designs.AI simplifies the workflow thereby letting you produce striking mockups in as fast as two minutes.

Notable features: It allows batch editing for large-scale campaigns. This helps you maximize time for your time to be more creative rather than getting stressed out with all the tasks that you needed to do without a mockup maker.

What can you get in its free plan: Does not offer a free plan.

Inclusions if you upgrade: Basic plan starts at $29 per month while the Pro plan is at $69 per month. Upgrading would allow access to 15 million images and video clips that you can use for your mockups. It also gives you access to all features, including video maker, logo maker, and speechmaker among others.

-> Best for: Blogging needs

What’s the tool about: Photo Ad King is the perfect tool to create eye-catching blog headers. It has plenty of templates that you can edit and customize to your liking.

Why is it good for marketers/beginners: Creating a good impression on your blog is important for people to read your content. Photo Ad King simplifies the tedious process of making creative blog headers in just a few clicks.

Notable features: Aside from blog headers, you can use this graphic maker tool to create impressive designs with over 10000 templates for both image and video content. It even has a 3D editor to make exciting 3D designs for your site.

What can you get in its free plan: A free plan lets you try the templates and create your design for up to 10 images and 3 videos. Only the basic photo editing tools can be accessed and you can only download photos in .JPG, .PNG, and .PDF formats.

Inclusions if you upgrade: For a limited-time offer, premium plans are 50% off. Get unlimited access to templates from $4 to $5.75 per month. Premium features such as Font library, vector clipart, and 3D shapes are all accessible plus unlimited high-quality downloads in multiple formats including transparent .PNG.


There are plenty of graphic maker tools online that you can use to promote your brand. Not all, however, can deliver as promised because these tools do not work the same way as others. They each have their pros and cons in using which is why it is essential to know which ones to trust for your brand.

What will help promote your brand to great lengths is a graphic maker tool that will complement best with your marketing strategies. You must study your chosen tools because it will make it easier to achieve the design that will convey your message effectively.

Start exploring all of your design potentials with these graphic maker tools as they are undoubtedly the finest ones that are fit for marketers both beginners and professionals alike.

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