My 200th Post.

My 200th Post.

·May 31, 2021·

3 min read

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I am thrilled to write my 200th post Hashnode as a developer. In this post, I'll get you covered everything you should know about me. If you're here or have read anyone post on my blog, you're important to me, ALWAYS.

About Me

I'm Rahul, from India. I am a Coder and Blogger (Self Taught always). I know some front-end technologies and trying to learn backend tech. I am working on some personal projects, that will be Open-Source Soon. I am 16 currently (turning 17 this month on 16th June), I was always fascinated by Coding so wanted to try it out, some years backs I learned Python and PHP, I don't use them now 😂. On this blog, I write daily on the topic related to JavaScript and React, sometimes on productivity, CSS and HTML. For the last 3 weeks I have decided to take off on Sundays(so, no posts on Sundays). I don't know how to write about me 😅, this is just what you should know 😁.

Tools and Hardware I use

Let me give you the specs of my laptop and start on with the tools I use daily. I use Realme 5 as my phone has 8GB Ram😉. I have the Asus Vivobook 14 laptop, it was not a gaming laptop but I converted it😂 so the new specs are

  • Ram: 12GB
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 2050ti 4GB
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500X
  • Keyboard: Cosmic Byte CB-GK-18 Firefly

Cool? 😁

Anyway I am looking to get the new iPad Pro M1 11 Inch, Wifi-Cellular. Should I get it?

So now the tools I use in my daily life.

  • `VS Code for Writing and Coding
  • Figma for Designing
  • MS Teams for Stuff that I don't like to do
  • Discord talking with strangers late at night
  • Notion for managing my budget
  • Google Keep for reminding me every day to drink water
  • Hyper Terminal for looking like a hacker
  • Slack for time pass as everyone uses


I love reading articles daily. I read over 12-20 articles daily, pretty weird but it's amazing reading people experiences and learning from them. I have a Medium Pro subscription😎 (unrelated😂). So there are many people on Hashnode their articles are just above the line(not average) they are amazing and have inspired and learned a lot from them. They are:

  • Chris Sir (DailyDevTips)
  • Victoria Lo
  • Tapas Adhikary
  • Catalin Sir

I have done many mistakes in Grammar and coding on my blog. I'll say sorry for this.


  • Twitter - I tweet a lot 😉
  • Discord - RAHULISM#6907
  • [mail] - gamerrahul1122[at]gmail[dot]com

I can't remember any other things now, I'll update this post frequently anyway adding more about me 😀

You may have wasted your time by reading this post today. Anyway thanks for Reading. You guys are amazing.

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