Mobile Security Testing Tools: MobSF vs. Competitors

Mobile Security Testing Tools: MobSF vs. Competitors

·Aug 21, 2021·

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Mobile Application Testing is a fundamental step in software application development where developers test the product for its functionality, security, performance, and accessibility. Security testing in a mobile application is requisite to prevent security breaches, virus or malware infection. Mobile Application Security Testing has become a mandatory approach to check authentication, authorization, data security, session management, and vulnerabilities that might chaperone with a mobile application.

To know more about the best mobile security tips, you can follow the discussion . A recent market guide research revealed that 90% of the businesses would test mobile applications for their security fragility by 2020.

The Mobile AST (Application Security Testing) market focuses on the fragility of mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobiles. Moreover, it identifies the weaknesses during and post-development of the application. The three general approaches of Mobile AST Solutions are listed below:


In Static Application Security Testing (SAST), a source code is analyzed to examine security vulnerabilities. It is executed at an initial stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), making it an effective technique to sort issues without causing any interruption in SDLC. SAST doesn't require any code implementation or functional application for execution.

Behavioral Testing

This approach analyses the application during its run-time and detects the foul action of an expected attacker. This testing is performed once an application runs on a mobile, a mobile device emulator, or a simulator.

I have written more about them and have done a classification please click the below to read everything about it.

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