30 JavaScript Libraries to use in your Projects

30 JavaScript Libraries to use in your Projects

Jan 9, 2022·

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JavaScript is a programming language that is vastly used in the world both on the client-side as well as server-side that allows you to make web pages convertible and create dynamic web content.

It is a scripting language pre-owned by developers to unveil interactive user interfaces that set forth dynamic content. While CSS and HTML are the languages that give design and proper shape to the web pages. There are a large number of other programming languages out there, including HTML, CSS and Python, but JS is the most commonly used scripting language.

Furthermore, JavaScript offers numerous JS libraries which have created an ecosystem in which coders are not supposed to write code from the scratch, However, these libraries allowing websites to be built quickly with ease. Here In this Article, I've compiled a list of the top 30 JavaScript libraries that every developer must have and can put into use easily for their projects.

1. SurveyJS

SurveyJS is a JavaScript library that help developers build customizable surveys and quizzes that can be integrated with any JS application. Besides normal forms, surveys are quite different, as the data assembled from surveys must then be examined. There are also many more customization prerequsites for surveys compared to regular forms

  • Extend surveys with third-party widgets
  • Can submerge surveys built with SurveyJS with any application
  • Ability to build surveys that accompany with brand elements of your website

2. Choreographer-JS:

HTML5 and CSS, web pages can display a wide range of animations. Choreographer-Js is a simple library that allows you to handle CSS animations as well as non-CSS animations.

  • Package consists of many stock animations
  • API reference built-in by the developer
  • Extendable by adding custom basis that can be derived from included functions

3. Final Form:

Every website requires one form or more. Final Form is the library that creates building beautiful and approachable forms easily. No other library allows such amazing tuning to oversee exactly which form elements get notified of form state changes.

  • Operates seamlessly with any web framework
  • Full-flavoured and extendable implementation
  • Self-contained library with no external credence

4. Bideo-JS

Full-screen videos are the need of every professional site backgrounds, and that’s what Bideo.js is utterly for. This JS library drives it simple and smooth to add a video background that looks awesome on every screen interface.

  • Along with handling the look and feel, Bideo.js includes an API and plugin system for advanced customization
  • Bideo-js supports video playback on desktops as well as mobile devices
  • It supports HTML5 video and Media Source Extensions, and other playback techs likewise YouTube and Vimeo

5. Chart.js

Creating responsive dynamic charts for an application form is a time-consuming task and can cause more issues than it solves. In this regard, Chart.js is an open-source library that gives divergent solutions to all of that chart which demands your corresponding application.

  • Operates flawlessly with all modern browsers
  • Extensive and exhaustive documentation available
  • Extendable library to create custom charts and complex tables

6. Parsley

Parsely is a javascript library that is used to form validations at the front end without service at the backend. This moulds the application more powerful, faster, and easier to use. The library is also easy to use with thoroughgoing documentation.

  • Integrated intuitive DOM API
  • It concentrates on user experience with dynamic form validation
  • A large number of authentic built-in endorsement available, often eliminating the need to create custom validators

7. D3 js

D3.js is an exhaustive library that can be used for the Visualization of data and concisely conveying of data. Data its manipulation and other such wide range of activities are therewith can be done with this. Likewise, It can be used for data analysis, CSS animations, geographical, and data utilities.

  • Works in combination with almost any framework in any language
  • Having API with direct access to DOM
  • Canvas, SVG, and HTML used for data visualization

8. Voca

JavaScript is fiercely not the easiest language for string manipulation. The Voca JavaScript string library makes string manipulation easy and simple with built-in functions sufficient for most string manipulation works.

  • Well-documented and fully tested library with long-term support
  • Built-in functions to handle, chop, format, and query strings
  • Can be deployed with any framework and has no external dependencies

9. Slick

Slick is a library that ensures custom, responsive carousels out of the box. The carousels inside the library can be easily modified. A carousel of images can be used for visual appearances and makes it easier to display many images without cluttering a web page. Building a carousel from scratch that is also responsive is a huge task.

  • Includes autoplay and visual elements like arrows and dots.
  • Desktop mouse dragging, swipe, and infinite looping enabled out of the box
  • Responsive carousels that scale with their parent container

10. Redux

Redux is commonly used along with JavaScript frameworks like Angular or React. As the size of applications become huge in the production process, the data flouncy becomes a problem. Redux assists you to overcome that issue by helping to maintain a predictable state for the application.

  • Can be immediately set up within seconds without much hassle
  • Developers have provided API support
  • Easily customizable

11. DropzoneJS

With DropzoneJS, developers can easily create drag-and-drop file upload windows with visual elements. It has the Abilities to present image previews, file previews, and progress animations.

  • No external dependencies
  • Highly customizable to specific needs

12. Typeahead.js

Typeahead.js is an open and autocomplete JavaScript library created and maintained by Twitter. It is to provide auto-complete for search boxes and other text boxes on various websites. It has two components: a suggestion engine and a UI element.

Key Features:
  • Components of the library can be used separately and with a modular approach
  • Separate extensive documentation for both components
  • Support across all desktop browsers (not for mobile browsers)

13. Multiple.js

This JS library can be used to Galvanize the visual appeal of your website. It can share the same background image with various elements of a webpage. It can be used to create impressive backgrounds for web page content.

Key Features:
  • Easily adjust elements, background, opacity, etc.
  • Easy method to update the background image
  • A single function call can revert the changes made by multiple.js

14. Omniscient

Omniscient let programmers to do fast top-down rendering embracing, immutable data, and functional programming.

Key Features:

  • Exhaustive documentation for the library
  • Easy to use API
  • Supports data flow in one direction

15. ApexCharts

ApexCharts gives interactive charts feature that can be used with websites running with JavaScript frameworks. Interactive, prepackaged charts with a simple API are provided with the library.

Key Features:

  • Wrappers for popular frameworks like React, Vue, Angular
  • Extensive documentation and cross-browser support available
  • Consistent and easy to use API

16. OpenZeppelin

OpenZeppelin is a library to build smart projects with JavaScript. It can be used with Ethereum and other blockchains that have smart contract functionality. It is an open-source project, as most crypto projects are.

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Key Features:
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17. InstantClick

This progressive JavaScript framework is key for speeding up websites. It is also capable of improving the speed to such a degree that navigating the web pages will feel instant.

Key Features:
  • Accoutrement to adjust parameters
  • Preloads webpage in the time a user hangs over a link
  • operates seamlessly across all browsers including mobile browsers

18. Premonish

Premonish is a simple JavaScript library that can forecast what element the user will collaborate with. This can be used to load up the corresponding service at the backend and reducing the time required to serve new content.

  • Predicts the DOM element user is likely to interact with next
  • Information can be used for website enhancements

19. Particles.js

Particles.js is a simple JavaScript library to create moving particles as a background for web pages. The particles interact with the movements and location of the mouse pointer. It is a fun library that can be used to create stunning visuals.

  • Easily customizable particle size, speed, and other visual features
  • Extremely small on resources

20. Stretchy

Stretchy is a simple library that can be used to auto-size input elements on web pages. It is a very small; library at just 1.5 KB when compressed.

  • Can work alone without any external dependencies
  • Able to cover multiple types of the form control
  • operates well with HTML and CSS, as it automatically follows placeholder styling

21. HowlerJS

Hower JS is a library that can be used to detect and work with touch gestures in general, including multi-touch gestures.

  • Support for touch gestures including tap, double-tap, swipe, rotate, pinch to zoom, etc.
  • Can be used from CDN provided by HammerJS
  • Lightweight

22. ScrollMagic

Simple scrolling web pages can be made a UX element to surprise and engage website users. ScrollMagic JS library makes that easy to implement. It can also be used to add parallax effects on websites.

  • Easy toggle of CSS classes of elements with scroll position
  • Provision for adding sticky elements
  • Support for responsive web design and compatibility with mobile devices

23. DiscordJS

DiscordJS is the library maintained for those purposes. It can also be used to create bots that can automate and enhance functionalities in discord servers.

  • An object-oriented approach to interacting with APIs
  • Covers nearly 100% of Discord API capabilities
  • Quick updates after Discord introduces new features

24. GoJS

GoJS provides diagramming tools to create interactive flowcharts, design tools, organizational charts, and other visual elements. It supports animations, and users can create custom animations for different elements.

  • A huge collection of included diagrams and tools
  • Advanced features for user interactivity such as drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste, in-place text editing, tooltips, context menus, automatic layouts, templates, etc.
  • Works with all major JS frameworks

25. HammerJS

Hammer JS is a library that can be used to detect and work with touch gestures in general, including multi-touch gestures.

  • Support for touch gestures including tap, double-tap, swipe, rotate, pinch to zoom, etc.
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used from CDN provided by HammerJS

26. Google Maps Utility Library

Google Maps is vastly used by people for navigation, as well as by developers for utilizing map-based functionalities to websites and apps. Google Maps offers excellent API support.

  • Extensive documentation
  • Support for new versions of Google maps API as they are released:

27. GSAP

GSAP is a library for creating amazing modern, polished animations for website interactions. This library supports all major JavaScript frameworks, JS elements, and even other JS libraries.

  • high-speed property manipulator, updating values with extreme accuracy
  • Flexible and independent framework with zero dependencies
  • huge amount of plugins and easing functions for advanced effects; easily create custom functions

28. TypedJS

This JS library provides typing animations that can be added to any JS application. It provides beautiful animations that display texts as being typed one letter after the other. It can be customized to the developer’s requirements.

  • Strings can be HTML5 elements instead of using arrays to be manipulated
  • Supports animation effects like type pausing, smart backspacing, bulk typing, etc.
  • Customizable

29. MathJS

Math.js is a professional library for JavaScript. It has all the functions and capabilities required for a math library. With this library, complex mathematical problems can be run at the browser without straining backend servers.

  • Runs on any JavaScript engine
  • Has flexible expression parser
  • A large set of built-in functions that can be used to create custom functions

30. JS Encrypt

This JS library provides easy to implement RSA JavaScript encryption for applications. It is a wrapper around an existing encryption library that makes it user friendly. It provides parsing of actual private and public key pairs generated with OpenSSL.

  • Easy to implement and easy to use
  • Tried and tested encryption library as the base for the wrapper
  • Parses private and public OpenSSL-generated key pairs


As a developer, having the right chosen JavaScript libraries is very important. It will make you more productive and will make development much easier and faster. In the end, it is up to you which library to prefer based on your requirements. These are 30 JavaScript libraries that you can try and start using in your projects today.

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